With our Unique Blend of Four Proven Fat Loss Techniques Into One Amazing Workout, Fat Simply Doesn’t Stand A Chance!

From Isaac Ho
Tacoma Personal Trainer
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Dear friend,

  • Are you struggling with trying to lose weight but not getting the results you want… or no results at all?
  • Are you tired of boring exercises and lack the motivation and support you need to see a weight loss program through?
  • Are you afraid that your weight will have a serious effect on your health or keep you from doing the things you enjoy doing?
Hi, my name is Isaac Ho and I’m the owner and personal fitness trainer at BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp, located in Tacoma, Washington. I’m here to get you amazing fat loss and fitness results!
Some people are born with incredible genetics who can eat anything they want and look leaner than ever. That wasn’t me. I was the fat kid who played piano and had parents that were too busy for me to participate in sports. I was embarrassed by my weight.

And I would still be that “fat kid” today if one day I didn’t look in the mirror and say,“enough is enough!”

But that (and thousands of hours of research and trial and error) led to me discovering the most amazing fat melting workout on the planet.
And this breakthrough workout worked wonders for me, my clients and it will work for you too!
Isaac Ho


It’s The Customized Solution To Your Weight Loss!
You see, I had a passion for training, something I soon learned not all trainers possessed. Unfortunately, that lack of drive flowed over to their training. While their clients were lacking, mine were reaching new levels of fitness that they’d never reached before! They were gaining energy, strength and stamina – and looking sexier than ever. And they were also getting the tools they needed to stay that way for life.
  • Fun, fat burning 45-min class
  • Private well-equipped and clean indoor facility so you’ll never have to worry about bad weather.
  • Exercises that reverse muscle imbalances and fix poor movement patterns you’ve acquired from years of inactivity and ineffective exercises.
  • Loads of peer support and encouragement
  • Fun and energizing program that is fast and effective which you will look forward to every session
  • And so much more!

You don’t have to keep buying a larger size because your favorite clothes are too tight. You don’t have to shy away from looking in the mirror or not shopping the latest styles because you don’t think you’ll look right – Not anymore and never again.

Create a Slim and Sexy Body and Develop Habits That Are Sustainable for Life at BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp!

See what other BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp clients are saying…
“ Thank you Isaac Ho and BeFit Tacoma! ”

Since I started BeFit, I have lost a total of 41 pounds and have gone down 4 pant sizes (Size 16 to 10). In addition, at my most recent yearly check-up, my cholesterol has dropped a total of 31 points. So, not only am I having results on the ‘outside’, I am having results on the ‘inside’. I feel so much better and feel so much stronger! As a runner, I can really feel the difference because of my weight loss! I am moving much faster than before!!! In fact, in a recent St. Patrick’s Day race, I placed 3rd, out of 58 women in my age group (55-59)! I even got a ribbon! This is a first for me!!!
When your husband, children, family and friends tell you how great you look and how PROUD they are of you, it makes all the difference in the world. Thank you Isaac Ho and BeFit Tacoma!

Rhonda Durham
Legal Assistant

Rhonda Durham
“I have lost 13lbs and 6 inches off my waist.”

Throughout my life I have participated in sports, tried different trainers, and worked out at various local gyms. I can tell you what’s special about BeFit Tacoma is the trainers there who care about my physical health (even when I don’t). Isaac cares if I am taking care of myself and my body.

Since training at BeFit I went from 188 to 175, 13 pounds and I have lost six inches off my waist and toned up incredibly. People remark about the noticeable difference in my appearance. I am now off my anti-anxiety medications. I have been working on my nutrition so I can continue to see progress and workout at a higher level. Isaac helped me to see that I can accomplish anything I want to. The only person putting limitations on my success is me! And I’m done limiting myself.

I have energy. I feel happy. And my life feels more complete, thanks to Isaac Ho and BeFit Tacoma.


Isaac has changed my attitude towards both training and overall wellbeing.  His constant, positive reinforcement – not to mention his unending patience – has allowed me transform my body and life. From nutrition to program design, to coaching and mindset I know without a doubt I’ve made the right choice to train with and learn from one of the best professionals in the industry.

James Bruce Wilson
“I'm at my lowest weight in over 10 years! I've lost 25 pounds in 5 months!”

BeFit Tacoma is the place to get in shape, be around motivating people, get your nutrition on track, get energy, lose weight, and have social time after work while getting results.

I’m at my lowest weight in over 10 years! I’ve lost 25 pounds in 5 months!

It’s a lifestyle change and Isaac Ho helps you figure out where you need to improve, how to exercise without hurting yourself, and constantly encourages you to keep going.

Amie Miller, Tacoma WA